Interior Detailing

Express Interior $99

Our Express Interior is our thorough, entry-level interior service for well-maintained and routinely detailed vehicles.

It starts with a thorough vacuuming of carpets, floor mats, seats, trunk space and cracks & crevices. Interior surfaces are lightly cleaned and dusted. We recommend this service every month if you are not on one of our maintenance detailing plans.

Interior Services

  • Full Interior Vacuum.
  • Clean, Condition & Protect Cloth, Leather and
  • Vinyl Surfaces.
  • Clean & SPF Protect Interior Surfaces, Including Dash,
  • Center Console, Cup Holders, Gauges, Steering Wheel, & More.

Interior Detailing

Ultimate Interior $199

The Ultimate Interior is our most detailed and comprehensive interior rejuvenation service.

We start with a thorough vacuum of every interior surface followed steam cleaning carpets, floor mats and cloth seats to remove embedded dirt and stains. All leather receives our pH balanced premium leather rejuvenation cleaning and conditioning to nourish and maintain the essential oils in the leather. Interior surfaces are dry vapor steamed and chemically cleaned to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime. All interior surfaces are preserved using UV protection to prevent fading and discoloration. This package is designed to get your interior back to showroom quality.

  • Full Interior and Trunk Vacuum.
  • Shampoo + Deep Clean Carpets & Floor Mats.
  • Shampoo + Deep Clean Cloth Seats.
  • Premium Leather Rejuvenation Package.
  • Clean, Condition, and Protect Surfaces
  • Clean Windows
  • Clean and Protect Interior Surfaces
  • Headliner Deep Cleaned.
  • Door & Trunk Jams

Interior Detailing

Why You Need Interior Detailing

Many of our customers have heard us say that the interior is the most important part of your car to keep clean and detailed.


It's easy to overlook the interior of your car as being important to your overall health, but many studies have been done stating that some of the harshest bacteria live inside our automobiles. That is why with our interior detailing packages we use steam to clean all surfaces to help insure that we rid your interior of any harsh bacteria that can make you or your family sick.


Most interiors should be cleaned on a weekly basis thru our maintenance detailing packages but if you are a customer dealing with a dirty interior and it needs some extreme attention please select one of our deep cleaning interior packages.

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